Ville Relax Rei Superior | Location
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La Spiaggia
About This Project

In the wonderful southeast coast of Sardinia, the tourist complex Ville Relax Rei Superior arises, with its three most exclusive villas: Villa Gladiolo, Villa iris, Villa Giglio. Ideally placed between mountain and sea, it’s easy to discover striking and breathtaking little corners. At only a 2600m range, you can reach the amazing beaches of Cala Sinzias, Monte Turno, Santa Giusta, Cala Marina, the famous Scoglio Di Peppino, and so many more, from which you can admire the variety of sea colors and enjoy the breathtaking scenery, in between the thinnest white sand and little stretches of rocks. Beside the beach, you can plunge into the pristine nature and admire the beauties of our territory, the home of superb specimens of junipers and holms, where colonies of Sardinian deer and other animal species find covert.

Ville Relax Rei Superior

Località Tanca S’Ollastu

Castiadas (CA)